Friday, January 15, 2010

Life's little pleasures

I ate out twice today.
Yeeeeehaaaw! It's not just that eating out twice in one day is rare, but that I REALLY love eating out.
We ate breakfast at the Main Street Cafe, right after dropping Lindsay off at school at 0-dark-thirty. I love being downtown that early. The people eating at Main Street are the regulars, the same group of guys, the people who work downtown, a couple of people we know...and the waitstaff knows us now, since we do this about once a month, maybe twice. We play the "does Greg remember the doo-wop oldies group" game with their satellite radio station. Sometimes it's seriously OCD how many he gets absolutely right.
I love their pancakes, two eggs, bacon and coffee. The place smells good, and it's fun to look at all the stuff on the walls, even though I've seen it a bunch of times before. Don't think they have WiFi, because I've never seen anyone with a laptop. Mostly I see people laughing and chatting over a cup of coffee, a big ol' plate of biscuits and gravy or something with ranch potatoes. The only meal I like eating at the Cafe more than breakfast is lunch...or maybe not...I can't decide. Burgers are pretty amazing there.

But today I didn't eat twice at the Cafe. I ate once there, and once at Pablo's. I met my friend Judy there, and we talked, or really, we "dished" as another friend puts it. Oh, everything. You can imagine. Judy is one of those people I can sit and have lunch with and all of a sudden it's an hour and a half later and I cannot figure out where it went.
So we had pizza at Pablo's. Really GOOD pizza. It's the kind where the crust is so handmade that it isn't even close to being round. And that is fantastic! I had the one with artichokes and olives and feta and even though I'm stuffed after dinner, I think I could actually eat one of the leftover slices.

I really enjoyed today. Oh, and the temperature at our house officially got to 40, even though the "official" temperature was only 33, and THAT broke the string of under-freezing high temps we were on at 23 days. But then, the "official" high is taken at the airport, and as my husband says, "Who lives at the airport?"

So it was a little bit warm, a little bit sunny, and I got to eat out at two wonderful places, and the BEST thing of all is that they are both downtown and both local hangouts. Gotta support these guys now, with all the construction going on, blocking the streets and making us park at LEAST a block away, which gives me some time to shift that pizza into a more comfortable position and walk with it a little.
Can't think of a better day.

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